New Book Explores Raymond Pettibon’s Fascination With the Lone Surfer

David Zwirner Books has released a new publication on Raymond Pettibon’s fascination with surfers.

Largely known for his sharply satirical ink drawings that critique American pop culture, Pettibon’s Surfers series started in 1985 and takes on a more meditative approach — showcasing the lone surfer carving “a line of beauty” amidst a towering wave — a reflection of mankind’s fragility amidst the power of nature. In Point Break: Raymond Pettibon, Surfers and Waves, the book presents over 100 surfers from the series, from smaller monochromatic studies to colorful large-scale paintings.

Pettibon’s surfers can muster a whirlwind of emotions within the viewer. They “express the terror and bliss of being alive,” said The Skateroom founder, Charles-Antoine Bodson, on a recent partnership with the artist. To accompany the artwork in the book, select text by Pettibon, scholar Brian Lukacher and Jamie Brisick will examine the SoCal surf and music culture that shaped the artist. Additionally, professional surfers Steph Gilmore and Emi Erickson will retell the sensory experience of conquering the massive waves that are often depicted in Pettibon’s work.

Point Break: Raymond Pettibon, Surfers and Waves is 204 pages in length and available to purchase for $60 USD at David Zwirner Books.

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