Netflix Unveils New Trailer to 'The Naked Director' Season 2

Netflix has delivered a new trailer for Season 2 of the popular Japanese show The Naked Director, just a week after unveiling the show’s release date.

The trailer runs at a little over a minute, offering quick cuts of some dramatic scenes we can expect to see. Season 1 focuses heavily on the telling of Toru Muranishi’s real-life story, how he built his empire and pioneered much of Japan’s Adult Video industry. In the upcoming season, as we get to see in the new trailer, there’s going to be more of an emphasis on Kaoru Kuroki, a former Japanese porn actress whose outspoken views on sex challenged conventional expectations for sexuality in Japan. It looks like there’s going to be just as much humor as in the previous season, while the drama will be amped up as viewers delve deeper into the story.

Season 2 of The Naked Director will be streaming on Netflix on June 24.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at the show’s earlier teaser trailer for the same season.
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