NEIGHBORHOOD and SUPER73 Craft a Custom Electric Z1 Bike

Following its collaboration with FOUND MY ANIMAL for dog accessories, NEIGHBORHOOD reconnects with Los Angeles-based electric motorbike company Super73 for a special take on its compact Z1 bike, the lightest in the brand’s lineup. Arriving in a shiny metal frame with low black handlebars and a NEIGHBORHOOD-branded leather seat, the bike takes up the stance of a BMX bike with tough 4” wide Trooper tires made for urban environments.

Technical highlights include Class-2 Ride Mode offering throttle operation up to 20 mph, an integrated battery allowing for plug-in and charge with any standard 110v outlet, 15+ miles of range, and 900 watts of peak power.

The Z1 will be available on Super73’s website on August 13 for $1,495 USD.

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