Minecraft world editor mode footage leaks – official release must be close

The long-awaited world editor for Minecraft looks like it might be just days away from release, even though it’s never been officially confirmed.

Different people play Minecraft different ways but for those that are more into the creative side one of the most asked-for features is a world editor, which will allow you to chop and change things much more quickly than is normally possible.

Such a feature has been rumoured for a while but Microsoft has never confirmed its existence. They still haven’t, but that hasn’t stopped footage from it leaking online.

Microsoft may not have officially acknowledged it, but dataminers have been finding references to a world editor in the game’s code for months now. Since the mode seems to be finished in the footage that’s leaked, it’s believed it’ll be released to the public soon – probably this month.

Currently, Minecrafters have to rely on fan-made mods for the original Java version of Minecraft to achieve a similar result, but the World Editor is for the main Bedrock version of the game for both PC and consoles.

Once available, it should allow you to terraform the landscape and build large structures almost instantly, rather than going about things manually as you would normally.

The downside is that it seems to require quite a bit of technical know-how to use effectively, which is probably why Microsoft has been hesitant to release it.

The footage shows whoever’s using editing individual blocks and creating large constructions very quickly, although there is a small chance this is some kind of fake based on the Java version.

They may also have been worried about releasing it too close to the upcoming spin-off Minecraft Legends, which is out on April 18. Although that only makes an imminent release for the World Editor all the more likely.

Don’t worry creators! I have things for you as well…
Here’s a sneak-sneak peak at Bedrock’s work-in-progress editor mode pic.twitter.com/DIAzpEK24z

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