Microsoft has officially stopped making new Xbox One games

Xbox One will no longer get any new first party games from Microsoft, as it concentrates solely on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

It had to happen at some point, but as far as Microsoft is concerned the Xbox One is now a dead format – at least in terms of them releasing new games for it.

Microsoft will continue to release software updates for the format but no new first party games will be released for the Xbox One in the future, so titles like Starfield, Fable, and Forza Motorsport will be next gen only.

In fact, that means it’s just about time to finally retire the ‘next gen’ label for new games, as the new generation of consoles finally becomes the current one.

That whole process took longer than usual because of the pandemic, with both Sony and Microsoft, and third party publishers, having no choice but to continue supporting the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for longer than expected, due to a lack of stock of newer consoles.

Microsoft exacerbated the situation by refusing to release any games that only run on Xbox Series X/S for the first two years of the console’s life, which means that even now there’s still almost no current gen-only games for the format.

Sony’s policy has been less consistent, as at first they were keen to embrace PlayStation 5-only games, before having to accept that support for the PlayStation 4 had to continue for longer than intended.

However, there are currently no new PlayStation 4 games planned from Sony and now it’s the same for Microsoft, as game studio chief Matt Booty told Axios that, ‘We’ve moved on to Gen 9.’

The ongoing success of the Nintendo Switch has broken down the usually clear delineation between generations but currently the ninth generation only includes the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S – and the Switch 2 once it is finally announced and released.

None of this will stop third party developers like EA and Activision from releasing new games on the Xbox One, with casual friendly titles like EA Sports FC (née FIFA) and Call Of Duty likely to be supported for at least a couple more years.

According to Booty, the Xbox One can still be used to play Xbox Series X/S games via cloud streaming but he insisted that Xbox Series S will continue to be supported natively.

Last year there were concerns that the cheaper, but less powerful, version of the Xbox Series X was ‘holding back’ developers but while Booty admitted it was ‘more work’ to support the format he insisted that it would continue – especially after the announcement of the Xbox Series S model with more storage capacity.

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