MARINE SERRE SS24 Is an Ode to Music

When it comes to MARINE SERRE, there will always be a vibrant and perhaps sometimes, a kitchy, expression of ideas. This Spring/Summer 2024 season is a nod to the designers love for music, presenting a selection of garments that are both rare gems, hidden golds or even one-hit wonders. Highlighting the collection is a heavy bass track that is reminiscent of a heartbeat, which is also the title of this collection.

The collection is an ode to nightlife and continues to reference MARINE SERRE’s iconic moon crescent logo. The clothes and the music take attendees through a visual journey of the history of electronic dance music. MARINE SERRE continues to show off her unique signature, highlighting ample techniques that combine various fabrics, silhouettes and deadstock materials. The show was different from before, with guests mostly standing behind barricades, similar to that of a concert. When MARINE SERRE’s line-up showed up, it definitely felt like a concert, with Teyana Taylor opening in a dress constructed from pleated scarves and upcycled t-shirts that hug her silhouette. Other icons including Noah Cyrus, Aron Piper, Sevdaliza, Yseult, Brooke Candy, Anetha, Pink Siifu, John Glacier and Aime Simone also walked the runway. Miguel closed the show, rounding up the Marine Serre fashion show spectacle. Speaking to press after the show, Serre explained that she chose these artists purely because she loved their music.

Crochet is a defining moment in the show, as it receives a luxury take on a once domestic motif. Animal prints speak to the animalistic instinct you feel when you hear a good beat, while hibiscus prints are inspired by the beauty of Hawaii and upcycled beach towels. When asked about being considered dystopian, Serre said, “Everyone always says I’m dystopian, but all I want to do is make it happy. I want it to be upbeat.”

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