Man Flies "SUCK MY N*TS ROBINHOOD" Banner Over Robinhood HQ

Robinhood’s decision to block the trading of some 50 stocks (mainly due to GME) is not sitting well with a lot of traders on WallStreetBets, and one user has just expressed his dissatisfaction in a big way.

Teasing the flight path early on, user Kaspar unveiled a banner that would be flying over the San Franciscan sky to display the message “SUCK MY NUTS ROBINHOOD.” He even noted that he “slid the pilot some extra $$ to circle right above RobinHood‘s HQ for a while” –encouraging onlookers to take some photos of the spectacle.

Those that missed it might even be able to see more aerial messages pop up as the week goes on as Kaspar has hinted that he is considering running some more based on how he feels this trading week.

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