Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon Shows Off How Beautiful Body Hair Can Be in These New Photos

In 1999, Julia Roberts stepped out on the red carpet with an evening gown and unshaven armpits — and it was a scandal. But in 2021, Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, is here to tell you it’s no big deal. She’s rocked the armpit hair for a long time and she’s ready to normalize the presence of body hair on a woman.

Her latest photos in Interview magazine (see the photos HERE) show how stunning she is with her gorgeous long, shiny hair and looking very much like a young Madonna (who also sports armpit hair). While Leon doesn’t directly address her body hair choices in the interview, conducted by her mom’s BFF Debi Mazar, the Younger actress points out what a trailblazer she already is.

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“Now you’re all grown up, and you’re such an earthy beauty,” said Mazar. “I love your armpit hair—you’re following in the footsteps of Sophia Loren and your mom with that. Americans are so afraid of it, but I think it’s beautiful.” It’s not just armpit hair that we are talking about here, it’s also legs and the bikini line. Instead of beauty standards dictating what women are supposed to do with their bodies, it’s time we all realize that anything goes — free to be with or without hair.

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Leon might have been influenced by her mother’s choices, but as someone on the cusp of Gen Z and Millenials, her 25-year-old voice is an important one in breaking down beauty stereotypes. That’s not to say it is easy for her. She tells Mazar that navigating adulthood is “kind of a nightmare,” but “that privacy is the reason” she’s been able to keep her life together. She’s a model and an influencer with a very famous mom, but she’s just like us trying to figure it all out while normalizing body hair freedom one red carpet at a time.

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