Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Continues Her Grown-Up Debut With Stunning New Beach Pics

Madonna has never been shy about sharing her love for her six children; she even has a tattoo to prove it. We can only imagine how supportive she is of her children’s ability to self-express given her own bold persona. We have a feeling she is the kind of mom who cheers her kids on in whatever endeavor they decide to pursue, even if it may be less traditional than most — which brings us to eldest daughter Lourdes Leon.  Lourdes has been catching lots of media attention due to her Instagram debut, including photos and videos of her modeling experience, which happen to include big household names like Juicy Couture and Stella McCartney. She seems bold and daring, and definitely unafraid to fight back against her haters. (A mini Madonna in the works, some might say.) And it seems young lady Lourdes is ready to stay in the spotlight now that she’s stepped in, with a new series of beachside bikini photos of the 24-year-old proving that Madonna’s eldest is already a stunner just like her mama.

Leon wore a bright yellow bikini whilst lounging in the sun with boyfriend Jonathan Puglia, as seen in photos obtained by (see photos here). Oh, how we wish we were on vacation laying on the beach, listening to the waves crash in a tropical place like Tulum…maybe someday soon. Leon’s gold jewelry, tanned skin, and artful tattoos paint an undoubtedly stylish silhouette, reflecting her mother’s edgy style.

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Although Leon has not posted on Instagram since her modeling photos and videos, we have a feeling this is just the beginning for the bright, artistic girl. Who knows? She could be the next Gigi or Bella Hadid — or, you know, the next Madonna. Whether she’s lounging on a beach or sharing family time with her siblings, we’re loving these chances to keep up with Lourdes and see the beautiful young woman she’s become.

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