Luiz Sacilotto's Rhythmic Artwork Defamiliarizes the Eye

Cecilia Brunson Projects and Almeida & Dale Art Gallery are currently showcasing an ethereal exhibition on master Brazilian artist, Luiz Sacilotto. A pioneering figure in Brazil’s Concrete Art movement, Sacilotto constantly experimented with color possibilities through rhythmic numerical variations that produced mind-numbing effects.

The exhibition on view presents a series of large-scale paintings that complement a number of smaller studies made in gouache. Many of the compositions, such as Take Concretion 8068, provide the viewer with an endless rhythm of variations — where the artwork changes its course with the slight adjustment of the eye. At the heart of the Concrete movement was an emphasis on objectivity — simplifying color and form to posit a rationalized set of values that reflected an ordered society.

Curated by Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro and Denise Mattar, “Luiz Sacilotto” is on view at Cecilia Brunson Projects until November 30.

Elsewhere, Jan Kaláb presents a new body of abstracted forms at Shanghai’s Danysz Gallery.

Cecilia Brunson Projects
2G Royal Oak Yard
Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3GD
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