Louvre Museum to Limit Daily Attendance in 2023

The Louvre Museum is truly a sight to see. It can also be a nightmare with the amount of people who jam pack its expansive halls, stopping every second to take a picture of themselves. Luckily, this past Thursday, the museum announced a new measure that will limit the number of visitors to 30,000 per day “in order to facilitate a comfortable visit and ensure optimal working conditions for museum staff,” according to a release by the institution.

The Louvre’s newly appointed president-director Laurence des Cars lauded the “extremely positive figures for 2022”, adding that she hopes that “visitors enjoy spending time at the Musée du Louvre, particularly those discovering the museum for the first time, who represent 60% of them. We are working ever harder to improve visiting conditions and to continue to offer a program of great quality and a unique array of live performances resonating with what’s on at the museum.”

With the change in effect, 9.3m visitors will be able to visit the Louvre in 2023 — nearly 300,000 less guests than its peak number of 9.6m in 2019.

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