‘Loch Ness monster’ spotted by fan watching live stream from 6,000 miles away

A man claims he spotted the Loch Ness monster while watching a live stream from 6,000 miles away.

Michael Yuen was watching the official webcam to escape the stress of the violent protests sweeping Hong Kong when he saw the "unknown object coming out of Urquhart Bay".

He watched amazed as a large, dark object swam in a straight line across the bay for about three minutes on Wednesday evening.

The object appears to make large ripples in the water as it moves across the loch before getting lost behind a tree.

It is the 14th time this year Nessie has been spotted.

Speaking today Michael said: "I watched the channel as a relief to the stress accumulated from watching recent large scale political protests in Hong Kong.

"I have a strong feeling that at the same location, the creature will be captured again by someone else in the next few weeks again."

The 13th sighting was made on August 3 by a man known only as Sean T from Kent, who was on holiday with his family.

It was not until he returned home he noticed the "unknown object" in the water in one of his pictures.

He took it from the Change House parking spot on the eastern shore of Urquhart Bay at around 9pm.

The image shows a strange looking black object in the water of Loch Ness, which could be the head or part of the hump.

Gary Campbell, the registrar of the Loch Ness Monster sighting page said: "Michael is the first sighting I know of from Hong Kong.

"Overall I'm delighted at the consistent rate of sightings so far this year and the mix of online and physical reports. "

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