Live On Fried Food For A Day And We'll Tell You Your Biggest Strength And Greatest Weakness

  1. Donuts

    Fried bacon

    Fried pancake bites

    Via Getty Images

    Fried eggs on toastVia Getty Images

  2. Fried chicken

    Chinese fried noodles

    Deep-fried macaroni and cheese balls

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    Fried peking duckVia Getty Images

  3. Mozzarella sticks

    Onion rings

    Spring rolls

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    Pizza friesVia Getty Images

  4. Pan-fried dumplings

    Deep-fried fish sticks

    Pan-fried rice

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    Deep-fried pizza rollsVia Getty Images

  5. Fried ice cream

    Fried Oreos

    Funnel cake

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    BeignetsVia Getty Images

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