Lindsay Lohan’s Heartwarming Video Talking to Her Younger Self Shows She’s Healing & More Confident Than Ever

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Lindsay Lohan proved she’s in her Renaissance era, and she plans on only thriving even more from now on. On Jan 5, the Speak Now singer shared an incredibly heartwarming TikTok compilation video entitled “Conversations with Little Me.” She uploaded the video with the caption, “Conversations with Little Me 🥰 #conversationswithlittleme #throwbackthursday #tbt.”

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If you’re unfamiliar with the trend, people on TikTok either act out the conversation they’d have with their younger self, filling them in on what’s happened in their adult life, or do it in pictures like Lohan has.

So back to Lohan: she started the video with younger her asking, “Do I like my red hair?” and “Do I like my freckles?” Lohan excitedly replies that she loves both of those things that used to make her insecure, even saying “They used to make me uncomfortable as a kid but now I realize how beautiful they are!” The younger self asks her if they model, play dress up, and all that, which Lohan also updates with an emphatic “yes!”

When asked, “Do we dance” Lohan replied with “I dance to celebrate life,” along with tagging a video of herself dancing in a pink pantsuit outside a moving car.

Then we get to her family talk. When asked if she’s still close to her siblings, she posts a recent photo of all four of them, saying, “We’re best friends! We love to laugh & spend time together!” And as for her parents, adult Lohan filled her in that she’s both a Mommy and Daddy’s girl, hinting she and her parents have worked through their differences.

We end with younger Lohan asking, “Am I still smiling?” After everything Lohan has been through, she responds in such a sweet way, showing everyone she’s healing. She said, “Life is beautiful & I’m so grateful for my husband, family, & everything life brings!”

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