LGBTQ People Are Sharing The Things They're Tired Of Hearing And It's Painfully Real

If you identify as LGBTQ, it’s possible you’ve been on the receiving end of comments from others that are strange, stupid, or just plain bigoted.

So this week, a Reddit thread asked, “LGBTQ+ people, what are you tired of hearing?”

Trigger warning: Some anti-LGBTQ rhetoric is discussed in this post.

The thread quickly went viral, as people from all across the LGBTQ spectrum started sharing the questions and comments they’re sick of getting. Here’s what they said:

1.“I’m a lesbian. People say: ‘Which one of you is the man in the relationship?’…No one. That’s the point.”


2.“‘Bi isn’t a real thing,’ according to my father.”


3.“As someone who is bi, being asked how you ‘satisfy’ that urge when in a partnership. That’s not how it works, and it’s a really annoying question.”


4.“‘Have you tried the other gender? You might like it.’ I could ask you the same thing, dude.”


5.“That feminine lesbians are less valid because they are straight-passing. Irritates the fuck out of me.”


6.“‘You’re gay so you have to like Cher, Will and Grace, drag, etc.'”


7.“‘It’s just a phase.’ That grinds my gears, man.”




9.“Straight men to lesbians: ‘I can turn you straight.'”


10.“I’m tired of being told my existence is political. Just me existing. That’s too political.”


11.“Bi erasure, just in general. Like, just because I’m bi and I’ve never been in a relationship with a guy (because I only came out last month) doesn’t mean I’m not bi.”


12.“‘I don’t hate you, I hate the sin.'”


13.“’You’re not part of the LGBTQ community if you’re in a ‘straight’ relationship.'”


14.“’Oh honey, you’re just confused!’ I’m very confused about a lot of things in life, but I am not confused about being bisexual, Mom.”


15.“‘You don’t need to transition. You just need to learn to love your body.'”


16.“‘I don’t support that lifestyle.’ It’s not a lifestyle. You don’t just choose to be gay one day. It doesn’t work like that. Being vegan is a lifestyle, being gay is not.”


17.“’Don’t force that gay shit on me.’ Said to me by someone seeing my rainbow bracelet. I didn’t even know who they were.”


18.“People saying that kids shouldn’t know that queer people exist because it’s somehow inherently R-rated.”


19.“‘What was your original name?’ I rarely come out as trans outside of medical/romantic situations, but once in a while I’ll tell a friend, and this happens about 75% of the time.”


20.“Trans and bi guy here. Hooooo boy. ‘Have you had THE SURGERY????'”


21.“‘It’s okay to be gay, but don’t be a stereotypical gay. That’s annoying.’ Look, honey, let me wear a flannel and kiss my beautiful girlfriend in peace.”


22.“As an asexual I’m tired of hearing, ‘You just haven’t met the right person yet.'”


23.“‘I don’t mind gay people as long as they don’t push it on me.’ Like, who’s gay out here pushing it on you. Literally no one. What you really mean is, as long as we stay closeted and unequal in society and don’t bring up our spouses or whatever in normal conversation LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE DO.”


And finally…

24.“Tired of hearing people use a mocking/stereotypical ‘gay male’ voice and think it’s funny.”


Just a quick reminder to everyone in our LGBTQ family:

And if you need more resources or support, check out The Trevor Project.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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