Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Is Our New Favorite Anti-Trump TikTok Star

Talk about an awkward family dinner. It’s long been known that Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, doesn’t have a united front when it comes to politics in her family. But previously, the only vocal dissenter had been her husband George, a D.C. attorney who’s made it clear he’s no fan of this administration. Now, Kellyanne’s 15-year-old daughter Claudia is sharing her own views on the subject on the medium that teens know best: TikTok. Like all 15-year-olds seem to be these days, Claudia is smarter, more informed, and more confident than I ever remember being at that age, and she’s putting the platform afforded by the Conway name to good use. At 32,000 followers and climbing, Claudia is a rising anti-Trump TikTok star, with videos condemning this administration’s choices, supporting Black Lives Matter, and more.

Claudia makes her priorities clear from the start: “it’s a great day to arrest brett hankison, john mattingly, and myles cosgrove,” her TikTok bio reads, referencing the three (still unarrested!) cops who killed Breonna Taylor. And she comes down pretty harshly on Trump supporters across her page. “Why do people hate on Trump supporters.. like why can’t we just respect everyones opinions,” she writes on one video. “SIKE nah block me pls and then educate yourself.”

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