Kate Middleton Looked Every Inch the Future Queen Representing the Royals in Scotland This Week

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been showing off their best work as senior royals this week at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Scotland, but all eyes were on the Duchess of Cambridge — the quiet confidence is there in every photo. With Queen Elizabeth staying home and tending to her health, the couple has demonstrated to the public that the future of the monarchy is in good hands with them.

Kate sends messages in very subtle ways, especially in her wardrobe choices and it’s possible the royal blue dress was one of those instances. With her hair pulled back into a low bun, she let the outfit speak for itself — comfortable, bright, yet self-assured. Royal blue has always had regal associations, and per Canva, was reportedly created for Queen Charlotte somewhere between the years of 1810-1820. It was designed to give the impression of trustworthiness, dependability and peacefulness — adjectives that are definitely used to describe the Duchess of Cambridge.

With everyone concerned about Queen Elizabeth’s health right now — much of it related to her advanced age — it’s OK for her to slow down because she has earned that right. From using a cane to eliminating her nightly cocktail, the royal family wants to make sure her overall wellness are a priority at the age of 95. And with that home care for the Queen, it’s also necessary for the senior royals to project a sense of calm while out representing the monarchy at global events.

It’s been a rough couple of years for the family, but the recent appearances by Kate and William are showing off how ready they are to step in and modernize the roles of king and queen, even if that moment is years (decades) away. Their new empathetic approach gives off a relatable vibe that doesn’t diminish their unfailing commitment to the monarchy.

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