Kate Hudson Just Shared the Ultimate Mom-Hack for Getting Great Family Photos

Most moms know the struggle of trying to get a flawless family photo — or even one where everyone’s just, you know, actually looking at the camera. Someone is always complaining and unmotivated, or making a ridiculously goofy face. And even if you do finally do get everyone to pose and smile, someone’s eyes are always shut. Who know, pre-kids, that getting the perfect snapshot for the ‘gram would be one of the harder parenting tasks to accomplish? Well, mom of three Kate Hudson can relate — but she has a hack for anyone out there who need a trick to motivate kids (and possibly partners) to take a picture: Call it the band pose.

Hudson shared her funny family masterpiece on Instagram and explained just how she got the fabulous shot. It’s a moody (yet sunny) photo of her partner, Danny Fujikawa, and sons Ryder and Bingham posing on different levels of some sort of artful rock formation, all sporting some very serious expressions. She wrote, “Can’t ever get them to take photos BUT if I yell out “Guys! Cliche band photo!” they do this in under a second… Family Photo Tip 📸☀️” Is that not the best? Also is it just us or is their band photo impression spot on?


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Hudson, who was previously married to The Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson and also starred in Almost Famous, surely has picked up a thing or two about moody, cliche band photos. And kudos to the clever mama for making this trick work for her own family album. Hey, finding anything to get your kids excited about taking a photo is a win in our book. Thanks for the tip Kate, even if it was a joke. We will definitely be using it on our next family vacation…whenever that may be.

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