Joe Biden Gave Some Relationship Advice to Rosario Dawson About Boyfriend Cory Booker

Before Joe Biden won the presidency he campaigned against key members of the Democratic Party in the primaries, including Senator Cory Booker. Though Booker’s presidential run was short-lived, he certainly left his mark on the campaign — and apparently on President Biden, as well. While on Live with Kelly & Ryan, Rosario Dawson revealed that Joe Biden pulled her aside to talk about her beau on the campaign trail, and he shared exactly what he thought about their relationship. Hey, when the President weighs in on your relationship — it’s kind of a big deal, so we’re guessing Dawson took his words to heart.

“He kind of pulled me aside and just had the most beautiful and effusive things to say about Corey,” Dawson recalled. “He was talking about, ‘I married up, I hope he marries up.’ He’s very charming. It was really, really nice…to see the kind of respect and dignity that’s there between all of these folks as colleagues.”

At the time, Booker was still running against Biden, which is why Biden’s praising words meant all the more to the Seven Pounds actress. “This was just as they were going in to debate each other when the presidential election was still going on, and that actually made it that much more special.”

Booker and Dawson reportedly began dating back in October 2018 and publicly confirmed their relationship ahead of Booker’s presidential bid. While the two have been dating for more than two years, Booker has been clear that the pair are taking things slow. In fact, Booker sounded off engagement rumors back in December, but considering that the relationship has gotten the Presidential stamp of approval — we wouldn’t be shocked if he popped the question sometime this year.


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