Jimmy Fallon Says He Once Saw Jeff Bezos Ask Amazon’s Alexa: ‘Who’s Your Daddy’

Jimmy Fallon on Friday talked about the “weird, random” moment at a house party that he saw Amazon’s departing CEO Jeff Bezos ask “who’s your daddy?” to Alexa, the virtual voice assistant created by his company.

“I was like, ‘did I just see that?’” Fallon told country music icon Dolly Parton and actor Noah Centineo during a game of “True Confessions.”

“He said out loud. I think he knew, yeah, he knew he was being funny, probably,” recalled “The Tonight Show” host, who didn’t think Bezos saw him witness the comment.

Parton and Centineo had to guess whether Fallon was bluffing. They both couldn’t believe it was true. But Fallon insisted it happened.

“It is the truth,” he said. “And I was like, ‘what?’ That is something I will never, ever forget, ever. That is a true story.”

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