Jeffrey Deitch Will Exhibit a New Group Show Reinvigorating the Traditional Medium of Clay

Jeffrey Deitch gallery will unveil a new group exhibition that highlights the many ways contemporary artists are using the traditional medium of clay. Curated by Alia Williams, “Clay Pop” explores issues pertaining to race, identity, and gender through art that is both visually familiar, yet entirely original.

The exhibition is a unique display that connects disparate histories and motifs ranging the visual resonance of Disney animation and funk art from the 1970s, to various symbolic iconography from African, Asian, and Middle Eastern art.

“Clay Pop” is also unique in the sense that many of the artists on display know one another and share kilns and studios in Los Angeles — forming a unique narrative around this burgeoning spin on clay sculpture. “Artists are taking a traditional medium and turning it on its head,” said Williams.

“Clay Pop” will view at New York’s Jeffrey Deitch gallery from September 10 to October 30.

In other art news, a Jasper Johns joint retrospective is hitting the Whitney Museum and Philadelphia Museum of Art.

“Clay Pop” Artist List:

Diana Yesenia Alvarado
Alex Anderson
Trisha Baga
Alex Becerra
Genesis Belanger
Seth Bogart
Chen Nien Ying
Woody De Othello
Sharif Farrag
Ryan Flores
Dominique Fung
Melvino Garretti
Raven Halfmoon
Kahlil Robert Irving
Elizabeth Jaeger
Devin B. Johnson
Heidi Lau
Grant Levy-Lucero
Candice Lin
Jasmine Little
Lindsey Mendick
Keegan Monaghan
Masato Mori
Ruby Neri
Brian Rochefort
Jennifer Rochlin
Brie Ruais
Sterling Ruby
Sally Saul
Alake Shilling
Adam Silverman
Jessica Stoller
Katie Stout
Magdalena Suarez Frimkess
Wade Tullier
Amia Yokoyama
Bari Ziperstein

Jeffrey Deitch
18 Wooster St,
New York, NY 10013
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