Jacob & Co. Unveils First-Ever Minute Repeater in Sapphire Crystal Case

Jacob & Co. has released its first trio of minute repeaters in a sapphire crystal case. The three timepieces are a part of the watch company’s Twin Turbo Furious collection which not only features a fully transparent sapphire crystal case but a decimal minute repeater. The combination makes it a first in the world of luxury watches.

The collection includes the “Bugatti Blue” wrist piece, which celebrates Jacob & Co’s partnership with the high-performance car manufacturer. With each of the watches heavily inspired by the elegance and sophistication of hypercars, each colorway is only limited to six pieces. The completely see-through casing provides watch lovers an immediate view of the complex machinery behind the Twin Turbo Furious. Those with a keen eye will able to witness the manual winding JCFM05 movement that features a 50-hours power reserve. The decimal minute repeater, two high-speed tourbillons, and mono-pusher chronograph are additional aspects that make the watch even more exclusive.

The only part of the watch that is not constructed out of sapphire crystal is the 18k white gold crank that sits at 3 o’clock. Being that this is the first watch to ever incorporate a minute repeater inside a sapphire crystal case, the complexities of the watch are heightened. Watch lovers can choose between the “Bugatti Blue” Neoralithe chapter ring or the other two colors which come in bright red or green.

Take a look at the watch above.

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