Intel's 12th-Gen KS-Series Desktop CPUs Can Hit 5.5GHz With Just One Core

Just as AMD is showing off its first-ever 3D V-Cache-enabled Ryzen processor over at CES 2022, its competitor Intel has also responded with some of its own new tech, unveiling the 12th-generation KS-Series of desktop CPUs.

During the company’s press event, client computing head Gregory Bryant revealed that the upcoming CPU series will be able to reach 5.5GHz with a single core while on the Max Turbo setting. Of course, that means it won’t be able to run on full steam for too long, but it’s enough to give your task at hand a little boost. When fully employing its multiple cores, the CPU will be able to surpass 5GHz as well, which — as Engadget points out — will give you ample performance when rendering or gaming.

There’s currently no pricing or availability information yet for the new 12th-generation KS-Series of CPUs, but Intel is expected to release them sometime this spring.

Elsewhere in CES 2022, Razer has unveiled its new Blade gaming laptop lineup.

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