I'm Sending Copies of the New Book Big Friendship to My Entire Inner Circle

I did something I’d never done before while reading Big Friendship: I snapped pictures of entire pages and sent them to friends. I texted the photos alongside single-word declarations. “Us!” “THIS.” “YES.” In a very short time, the book and I were in a honeymoon phase not unlike the one shared by writers Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman early in their friendship.

When I learned Sow and Friedman were writing a book together — one about friendship, no less — I flipped. I’ve been a fan of their podcast, Call Your Girlfriend, for years, and while I’d eagerly read their take on, well, anything, I’m thrilled to report that their philosophy on friendship is as insightful, hilarious, and moving as I’d hoped.

Sow, a writer and cultural commentator, and Friedman, a journalist and media entrepreneur, met when they both lived in Washington DC in their mid-20s. I won’t spoil details of the perfectly 2009 night they first became friends, but I will share a few powerful lines they wrote about it: “We have changed each other in countless ways, from the profound to the imperceptible. We didn’t just meet each other that night. We began the process of making each other into the people we are today.”

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