If You've Done 12/31 Of These Things At A Restaurant, Your Server Hates You

  1. Faked an allergy just because you didn’t like something.Asked for a refund on something that you ate the entirety of.Complained about a side of ranch or mayo not being free.Ripped up a napkin or coaster into a billion little bits and then left the mess on the table.Snapped to get a server’s attention.Grabbed a server to get their attention.Tipped less than 15%.Not tipped at all.Seated yourself when there was a “Please Wait To Be Seated” sign.Changed tables without consulting your host or server.Asked for a cocktail to be made “strong” instead of just ordering a double.Cleared your dirty plates onto an empty table nearby.Ordered takeout without tipping at least a buck or two.Declined to order a drink, and then asked for water with “lots of lemon.”Walked into a restaurant ten minutes before closing and asked to be seated.Sat idly at your table long after closing.Made the old “I hated it!” joke as the server clears away your empty plate.Let your kids run amok in the restaurant.Said “I come here all the time” to get your way.Said “I know the owner” to get your way.Said “I’ll be writing about this on Yelp” to get your way.Complained about getting carded when you ordered a drink.…And then got mad when they couldn’t serve you because you forgot your ID at home.Lied about it being your birthday to get a free dessert.Asked to speak to a manager about an issue, without giving the server a chance to fix it first.Made a bunch of substitutions and changes to an item, and then complained about it not tasting good.Ordered off the kid’s menu as an adult.Camped out at your table after your meal when it’s clearly busy.Clapped when you heard a glass or plate shatter somewhere in the restaurant.Complained about having to wait for a table when you didn’t make a reservation.And finally, told your server to “smile” when they were clearly stressed.

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