HUMAN MADE Reveals New Collaboration With PITTA MASK

Summmer ‘21 has been an eventful one for HUMAN MADE — the Japanese streetwear label created by the legendary NIGO. In recent memory, the imprint has teamed up with KAWS and adidas Originals for collaborative capsules, and now it’s enlisted ARAX – a medical company based in Japan — for a PITTA MASK assemblage.

The face accessories are engineered with an elastic polyester fiber material which is both extremely breathable and has a 99% filter rate. The latter is imperative as it can effectively cut off UV light as well as fight off against air pollution, pollen, and bacteria — a crucial element given that the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly still running its course. Additionally, the mask can be used and washed repeatedly and still maintain its functionality. There are four colorways involved in this capsule including a dark gray, dusty pink, navy blue and a lighter gray. Each is designed with a HUMAN MADE logo which is positioned in the lower left-hand corner.

The masks come in either packs of two or 10, both of which are available right now to buy via the HUMAN MADE online store. Two packs retail for ¥825 (approx. $8 USD) while the 10 packs cost ¥7,700 (approx. $70 USD).

In case you missed it, Lil Uzi Vert recently teased his upcoming HUMAN MADE collaboration.
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