Helena Christensen Shared Throwback Nude Photos of Herself & She's Absolutely Glowing

Helena Christensen is heating up her Instagram account again with stunning photos from her early days as a supermodel. The images, taken by famed fashion photographer Bruce Weber, show how gorgeous she looks in both black-and-white and color pictures.

The 53-year-old model posted several of Weber’s photos, the first one shows her artfully draped in a white robe as the sun glistens on her tanned skin. (See the photos HERE.) Her brunette hair skims her shoulders as she teases her nude body under the article of clothing. The second shot is black-and-white, and the robe is nowhere to be found. She lies naked on her stomach and seductively gazes at the camera lens — Christensen looks beautiful. She captioned the carousel, “From the drawers, going through so many film prints trying to archive and oh man, the memories.”

As a part of the supermodel generation that defined the 1980s and 1990s, Christensen has chalked her success up to several things. “It was a mixture of timing, happenings, and luck, plus the combination of the handful of girls all being so different, physically and personality-wise,” she told D’Scene magazine. She adores the fact that her career has continued into her 50s because the fashion industry is finally shifting its mindset with the understanding that all decades of women need to be represented on the runway.

She believes that she enjoys modeling “even more today” because the early days of her journey were “so intense and hectic.” Christensen added, “Now I feel a different kind of respect for this career as it has opened up so many doors for me.”

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