Google's New Online Game Challenges You to Guess Which Image Is Generated by AI

AI-generated images have come a long way in the past five years. Despite fetching an exorbitant amount at auction, early works, such as Portrait of Edmond de Belamy (2018) were clearly ‘off’ in ways that separated it from other works typically revered in a gallery or museum setting. Much has changed since that time. So much so, that Sony recently awarded an AI-generated image (unknowingly) as part of its annual World Photography Awards.

While AI images are still somewhat discernible by way of how hands or faces are depicted, the lines between what is human-made and artificially produced are blurring by the day. Thankfully, Google has rolled out a new game called Odd One Out, which will help train viewers in spotting, well, the odd one out.

The game was developed by Caroline Buttet and Emmanuel Durgoni, two artists in residence at the Google Arts & Culture Lab. The way it works is: players are given a short amount of time to spot an AI-generated image amongst four different artworks. Each time you guess wrong, you lose one of four hearts and each time you guess right, the time in which you have to answer gets shorter and shorter. Sounds easy? It’s not. While there are noticeable queues, such as oddly shaped eyes and very plain backgrounds, the game is a testament to how much platforms such as Midjourney and DALL·E have progressed in creating images and artworks that challenge some of the great works of art.

“The starting point for these new experiments was applications of Google AI Image Generation Research to inspire cultural discovery and learning through play,” Google said in a statement.

Odd One Out is one of many AI projects Google is experimenting with, including a word guessing game called XYZ TOY and meditative game called Haiku Imagined. Try them all out here.

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