Google Reveals its First Self-Designed Campus

Google has officially opened its new Bay View headquarters in Mountain View, California, its first self-designed campus. At first glance, aerial shots display a distinct roof design that resembles reptilian scales. A closer look reveals that the roof actually consists of 90,000 silver solar panels, a first-of-its-kind design that Google dubs “dragonscale solar skin.” The panels generate nearly seven megawatts of energy, approximately 40 percent of the offices’ energy consumption, and nearby wind farms are able to power the building on carbon-free energy 90% of the time.

The Bay View campus was designed to prioritize the experience of Googlers in the building through a variety of different elements, from lighting and air quality to thermal comfort and acoustics. Automated window shades open and closes throughout the day with clerestory windows modulating natural light that passes onto the desks. Ventilation systems use 100% outside air, and building products and materials were specifically selected to remove toxins.

Other green building initiatives include the establishment of the largest geothermal installation in North America, which assists in temperature regulation without the use of fossil fuel and reduces water use for cooling by 90 percent. Aiming for a Water Petal certification, above-ground ponds gather rainwater year-round and wastewater treatment systems serve as cyclical water sources with the goal of replenishing 120% of the water the building consumes by 2030.

Learn more about Google’s new Bay View campus in the introductory video and in-depth blog.

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