Givenchy's Monumental Mallow Looks Space Age With Reflective Silver Makeover

Matthew M Williams‘ Givenchy Monumental Mallow first appeared last fall, and since has been given a customary Valentine’s Day makeover. Before the next pair of sneakers takes over the house — that being the knitted TK360 — Givenchy gives the Monumental Mallow to new updates, one in reflective silver and another in worn-out rubber.

Of course, the pair is made from matte rubber and is served as one singular piece, molded to the shape of a foot. Sculpted elements work the toe and heel to mark out the shoe’s shape, while five plugs on the sole unit denote areas of support along the footbed.

For this spring drop, Givenchy adds a reflective silver tone to one pair, looking spaceman-esque in its design, while another is tinted in “Sand” hues and is said to have a worn-out effect. While traditional distressed touches don’t appear, it could be said that this colorway alone is dirtied, giving it the vintage look.

As expected, the shoe is already selling out fast online. Take a look at the pairs above, and pick up both from Givenchy now for $695 USD.

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