Folklorama 50 kicks off week 2 Sunday

The 50th annual Folklorama continues with 23 pavilions opening their doors Sunday.

The first week of the multicultural festival is being considered a success, with tens of thousands of people visiting the first 22 pavilions, including the first-ever Egyptian pavilion at the University of Manitoba.

“They had a fantastic week,” said Folkorama executive director Teresa Cotroneo. “I believe that they added a show just because demand was so high at a certain point. It was a dynamic we were previously missing from the festival.”

This week’s pavilions include Chile, Italy and Japan. Cotroneo says it’s like a starting another festival all over again.

“A few of them have some interesting retrospectives to years past,” she said. “It’s just really neat to be able to look at that memorabilia and see where we were, and where the pavilions have go to.”

Most pavilions have cultural shows beginning at 6:45 p.m. nightly, but some start at 5:15 p.m. Go to for a full listing of pavilion locations and showtimes.

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