'Final Fantasy XIV' Drops Full Trailer for 'Endwalker' Expansion

Square Enix has just dropped the full trailer for its upcoming expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV, titled Endwalker.

The fourth expansion for the popular MMORPG since its original release back in 2010, Endwalker will see the conclusion of the game’s main narrative up until this point, officially ending the Hydaelyn/Zodiark storyline. Though the developer has revealed that further updates will launch a new arc, the company hasn’t revealed any details yet as to what that new narrative line would involve.

Story aside, the new expansion also adds a whole range of new content as players would expect. The level cap will be raised to 90, there’ll be a host of new zones, dungeons, raids, and alliance raids, as well as new jobs such as Reaper and Sage and the new race of Male Viera. It’ll also feature new threats such as Anima and The Magus Sisters, new tribes across Matanga and Loporrits, and a new housing area in Ishgard.

For fans of Final Fantasy XIV, check out the six-minute Endwalker trailer above while you wait for the expansion to release November 23.

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