FIFA 25 will be ‘one of the biggest projects in gaming history’ claims insider

It looks like the next FIFA game won’t be out until next year, as FIFA 25 prepares to go it alone without EA.

2023 marks the first year that EA will launch one of its FIFA games without the FIFA name and brand. As a reminder, the long running partnership came to an end with FIFA 23, with EA set to rebrand its series as EA Sports FC.

The FIFA organisation, however, has made a big show about how it’ll make its own series of video games that’ll totally be better than EA Sports FC. Although it’s still yet to announce a new development partner.

Recent comments by FIFA president Gianni Infantino seemed to imply that the first non-EA FIFA game won’t be launching this year, and a new rumour claims that that’s precisely the case.

Presumably titled FIFA 25, it’s apparently aiming for a winter 2024 launch (which technically means December, which would be much later than EA usually launches a new game), with the rumour adding that it’ll be ‘one of the biggest projects in gaming history.’

If this is the case, then development must’ve already begun and FIFA is simply holding off from announcing which studio it has partnered with.

The rumour comes courtesy of Twitter account FUTZone, which has regularly shared FIFA related leaks in the past and is considered a reliable source of info.

For instance, they accurately shared launch dates for FIFA 23 and its beta ahead of the official EA announcement.

Elsewhere, FUTZone claims to have seen a trailer for an upcoming EA Sports FC mobile game, listing off a number of features, like new stadium renderings, weather effects, and a new user interface.

They also say that ‘the biggest EA Sports FC news’ will be announced in early July, most likely referring to a reveal trailer.

While it’s important that FIFA take its time with FIFA 25, so as not to rush out a half baked product, the fact that it may not have it ready till 2024 means EA is running unopposed this year, with no other competition in the football sim space.

It’s 36 seconds long btw..

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