Epic Games' Newest Mobile App Turns Photos Into 3D Scans

Epic Games has developed a new mobile app that utilizes augmented reality to turn photos into usable 3D scans. Epic is utilizing the technology created by the company Capturing Reality, which Epic acquired last year, to convert these images into assets.

Capturing Reality created the photogrammetric software called RealityCapture, which easily takes laser scans or images and transforms them into digital 3D scans of the product. With this technology, Epic hopes that creatives will be able to use real-world object scans in their digital design projects.

Upon signing into Epic Games, the app prompts users to take at least 20 photos of any item and RealityCaptures exports these scans for use in their own 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality projects. The app is currently in limited beta with only a number of iOS users able to use it before an early access rollout for iPhones later this year. An Android release will arrive soon after.

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