'Edo Ball' Jersey Artworks Spotlight Basketball Players as Japanese Woodblock Prints

Melbourne-based artist Andrew Archer recently launched his latest continuation of his Edo Ball series that spotlights vivid portrayals of famous basketball players reimagined as Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock prints. For the installment, the artist created a selection of one-of-one jersey art editions inspired by his original pieces.

One of the highlighted works is the Shogun James jersey that is embellished with a mounted artwork of Lebron James as a fictional military ruler on a faux leather armor complete with embroidered detailing. The custom artwork is affixed to textured match with hand-stitched designs to match. Another piece, titled Dennis Ronin, features Dennis Rodman as “one of the greatest samurais” brandishing the nunchaku weapon. This artful garment is made of double layered mesh on the body portion with stitched leopard prints and faux fur for his signature “91” number.

Coinciding with the jersey art editions is the artist’s Season Five installment of his Edo Ball print series with nine new artworks included in the gamut. Check out the jersey art editions in the slideshow above and then head to Andrew Archer’s Edo Ball website for more information.

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