Did ‘WandaVision’ Fans Spot An Error Afoot? A Marvelously Brief Investigation.

As an enormous critical success, there’s no doubt “WandaVision” has started off on the right foot. Though it seems Vision could be missing that foot entirely.

While the shocking cameo at the end of the fifth episode of “WandaVision” was pretty much all anyone could talk about last week, some fans are shifting their focus to the moment right before that scene.

In the earlier scene, when Vision (Paul Bettany) confronts Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) about possibly controlling the sitcom world they live in, it seems there’s other trouble afoot. Namely, Vision’s foot is missing.

TikTok user @wildimmigrant was among those to point out Vision appears to be missing his extremity in the scene. A recently uploaded video of the moment has more than 70,000 views thus far.

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The scene was also brought up on Twitter:

After checking the episode, it does appear Vision’s foot disappears for a couple seconds around the 31:27 mark. So what’s the deal? Is it a mistake with CGI? Or is it a clue, hinting at how things are always just a bit off in “WandaVision”?

Do we need to wait for the other shoe to drop?

When looking at the moment, one answer does seem to have legs. “WandaVision” director Matt Shakman has already talked about the show’s use of practical effects to make it feel more authentic to the sitcoms it emulates. Though it does seem like the shoe is missing, it’s more likely that Vision’s levitating was done practically with wires, and Bettany’s foot is just tucked perfectly behind his leg. 

Perhaps adding to the illusion that the foot is missing, the previous shot of Vision in the air shows his foot at a different angle:

As he’s going down, the bottom of his right pant leg is clearly more tucked behind the other:

Additionally, Marvel project creators are aware that fans break things down frame by frame. They know the “devil is in the details.” Tiny flubs aside, if the Vision moment was created with CGI, it’s doubtful that they’d miss an entire body part.

Plus, even if Vision were missing his foot in the scene, just remember he’s a robot/synthezoid. If he needs another foot, he can probably just … (looks around) …  reboot.



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