Depop Collaborators: Keep Hush Connects Music and Fashion for Rave-Themed Event

Keep Hush is a collective of six music lovers dedicated to spotlighting the UK’s evolving underground music scene. They’ve built a community who have a passion for music and continue to explore the ways in which music intersects with other realms, such as fashion and the visual arts. “Both music and fashion allow for self-expression, feelings of freedom, and connection to others. That’s at the core of the connection between the two,” said Keep Hush, and this connection is what drives their endeavors.

The dance music scene is not always recognized by the mainstream but Keep Hush wants this to change through the community’s collaborative efforts. Beginning as a blog to provide visibility to underground music, Keep Hush has now grown into an ethically-run, collaborative platform in which members create responsible clothing for artists within its world. “Our goal is to support artists and the underground dance music scene with our projects. We also love making clothing, from bootleg tees to custom 3D printed ashtrays,” the collective shared.

Keep Hush’s pieces — from paintings, to outlandish graphic tees, to sourced custom items in collaboration with other artists — showcase the incredible talent within the collective, all while creating a safe space for fashion and music lovers alike. “Dance music has utopian ambitions of P.L.U.R (Peace Love Unity Respect) and yet nightclubs are often not a safe space. Our team has safer space training and we want our community to feel comfortable at any of our events,” Keep Hush shared on bettering the community.

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For Keep Hush’s Depop Collaborators event, they bring their passion for music and fashion to life. The one-night event includes a panel talk with changemakers in the DJ scene, followed by an early ‘90’s, jungle-era themed party — marrying the nostalgic essence of jungle music with the resurgence of the basement rave. “We’ve called it ‘Maximum Style’ — a nod to Tom & Jerry’s seminal jungle record of the same name. The event will see new generation junglist Nia Archives sit down with DJ Flight, who is currently celebrating 25 years in the game to discuss music, fashion, and more followed by DJ sets,” stated Keep Hush.

Depop and Keep Hush’s missions converge as the resale platform has been a big inspiration for the fashion and art collective, who enjoy collaborating with artists and reworking vintage pieces into wholly new garments.

Alongside the “Maximum Style” event, Keep Hush will also drop a new upcycled collection on their Depop shop.

The Keep Hush collaborator concept will launch November 3rd in London. You can RSVP here for the panel and party.
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