Depop Collaborators: Designer and Artist Paris Takes Us To a Futuristic Planet of Her Own

Paris and her designs are based in Los Angeles — physically — but mentally, she occupies a world of her own. 69999  is Paris’ planet, and it is occupied by all of her technicolor designs which meet at the intersection of fashion and art. Depop and the effervescent Los Angeles fashion scene propelled her from humble beginnings, executing and flaunting her own creations at social events, to widespread sensation, gracing the bodies of none other than Kim Kardashian, Fousheé, and more.

Paris’ snug silhouettes are instant wardrobe classics, but it is their futuristic, multitextured textiles — from reptilian prints to slick lycra — that characterize each piece as inimitable. Inspired by futurism, the vibrant underground club scene, and cartoons, each of Paris’ garments are truly reflective of her inner workings. But as each of her creations employ materials sourced from local small businesses, they are also reflective of her strong desire to inspire a brighter future in fashion.


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“In the present, the state of the fashion industry feels bleak and oversaturated with big brand names pushing new trends every other week for the sake of making a sale,” Paris shares, relaying a sentiment that many independent designers have echoed. Fast fashion not only perpetuates harmful environmental cycles, but it strays so far from the craft of design itself, no longer honoring those who dedicate their time and energy to creating one-of-a-kind pieces. But through her hand-cut and sewn designs and education, Paris aims to bring this appreciation for the art of design back.

“Many people don’t know where their clothes are made, or the conditions in which they were produced because so many brands lack transparency and accountability, especially when it comes to keeping the consumer informed,” Paris explains, “I hope to inspire younger creatives to never underestimate the power of education and to fearlessly pursue things they love; to be open to all possibilities regardless of their circumstance, because all things (including success) are tangible when you love what you do.”

Paris will disseminate this education and inspirational love for her craft through her Depop Collaborators exhibition titled, “Consumption.” The immersive exhibit will include soft sculptures constructed from various deadstock fabrics, placing a spotlight on the impact of fashion production and consumption. The pop-up also allows visitors to step into her world, showing them firsthand the art form that won Paris over at just 14 years old.

Alongside the IRL pop-up, Paris is also returning to her roots by selling a limited collection on the Depop marketplace — just like she did in 2020 with the release of her first full collection. “Because of Depop, I’ve been discovered by stylists, celebrities, and even people in my community who I hadn’t known before,” Paris reflects, “My mission is for people of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones to feel beautiful. I’m able to do that by directly getting feedback from buyers on Depop.”

Paris’ exhibition will kick off with an opening night party on Friday, August 19th, 8-11PM with the exhibition open Saturday, August 20th, 12-6PM. Both events, open to the public, will be hosted at Navel LA, an incubator for artists and cultural workers that shares space, tools, and resources towards a more loving and regenerative cultural economy in Los Angeles. To RSVP to Friday Night or Saturday’s events, click here. Stay tuned to learn more about each incredibly talented creator and for more information about upcoming pop-up installations.
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