Daniel Arsham Turns Tiffany & Co.'s Motif Into a $59,000 USD 'Bronze Eroded Tiffany Padlock'

Daniel Arsham‘s Future Relics are some of the most collectible pieces of art in the world, and now his inimitable approach has been tapped by none other than Tiffany & Co. as part of its new “Lock” collection. Working together, the two have perfectly blended their iconic forms to create a piece of art dubbed the Bronze Eroded Tiffany Padlock, which hides a glistening secret inside — but more on that later.

For the Bronze Eroded Tiffany Padlock, Arsham looks into Tiffany & Co.’s heritage to craft a limited series of 99 sculptures. Each sports the artist’s signature eroded aesthetic and the jewelry brand’s iconic blue hue, expressing the House’s iconography. The lock motif is a historical attribute of the brand dating back to the late 1800s when functioning padlocks were first offered to its clients, and now, the item is destined to become the next must-have piece of collectible Arsham work.

However, inside the padlock lies something intrinsic to Tiffany & Co. — a bangle. Designed in collaboration with Arsham too, the piece is made from 18k white gold and is set with diamonds and tsavorites, the latter being a vivid green legacy gemstone that was produced and introduced to the market by Tiffany & Co. in 1974. It not only reflects the House’s history once more, but also looks to highlight the hues often used by Arsham in his work.

Speaking on the project, Arsham said:

“It’s very personal to me, but there’s also an element of history in there — a link between generations of craft, between function and design, between craftsmanship and beauty. These are the elements that make Tiffany so unique, the elements that allow it to consistently hone the ‘sweet spot’ between heritage and modernity. I wanted to create an artwork to celebrate that.”

The special-edition work, Bronze Eroded Tiffany Padlock, has been hand-treated by the Arsham Studio in a 400-hour-long process per the artist’s norm. Limited to just 99 editions, the padlock holds the bangle inside and is placed in a custom-designed art-handling crate with metal hardware that’s paired with dual-branded white gloves.

All this comes to the handsome sum of $59,000 USD. The collaboration will drop in select Tiffany & Co. stores on December 1.

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