Crosby Studios Home Is Here to Liven up Your Living Spaces

Harry Nuriev‘s Crosby Studios is branching out into homeware, and HBX shall be dropping the range of home goods in its inaugural launch.

Crosby Studios Home presents a range of playful and expressive pieces spanning various homeware goods for all kinds of environments from the bathroom and bedroom to your living room and more. In the collection, you can find velour stools, lounge chairs, floor lamps, rugs in the shape of giant socks and shopping bags, oversized humanoid body pillows, a furry blue overcoat, fleece jackets and sweatpants (perfect for lounging around), faux fur and terry cloth-clad notebooks, as well as aromatherapy candles, soaps, glassware and more.

Throughout, you’ll notice the green, blue, and gray colors used that represent Nuriev’s signature palette, adding a pop of vibrancy to everyday essentials and special items such as the multi-sized “Pencil Shelves.”

Speaking on the collection, Nuriev said, “In times when our reality is a hybrid of real, virtual and augmented, Crosby Studios aims to capture the essence of what we truly crave when we enter spaces: comfort and stimulation, clarity and calm, and a sexy personal story. This is what I hope to make more accessible through Crosby Studios Home — a playful home goods and loungewear collection for everyone.”

Furthermore, following on from Nuriev’s HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 28 cover, the multihyphenate will be teaming up with HBX to present the collection in real life at the HBX LANDMARK store from January 14. In this, Crosby Studios Home will showcase products in an explorative, interactive apartment-cum-webshop created by utilizing gaming software.

The Crosby Studio Home collection can be seen above and launches exclusively on HBX today, and will be available while stocks last.

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