Ciara’s Bold New Hairstyle Shows She’s as Ready for Fall as We Are

If there is one celebrity who can seamlessly transition from new style to new style, it’s obviously Ciara. From trendy short blonde bobs to curly jet-black hair, the 1, 2 Step songstress knows how to rock any hairstyle she wants. And her new hair may be her boldest (and most colorful) yet!

On Sept 20, Ciara uploaded a stunning selfie that perfectly shows off her vibrant, fiery new mane. She posted the gorgeous photo of herself with the caption, “Where’s my twin at??:) #BetterThangs.”

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In the photo, we see Ciara rocking her new orange waves, and honestly, we’re completely obsessed with how she looks. And it’s also perfect timing for the fall season! She’s also wearing a white ensemble with matching, chunky gold jewelry throughout that only enhances the fiery warmth of her new ‘do.

And listen, we’re not the only ones who are absolutely loving Ciara’s fall weather hair.

Both friends and fans alike couldn’t get enough of Ciara’s look, with Ludacris simply saying “👑” and actress Kerry Washington posting a bunch of flame emojis under the photo. As for fans, so many were saying things like “Oh yes ma’am! Come on wit it, C! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥” and “THIS LOOK THO 👌🏽🩸.”

In a previous interview with Coveteur, Ciara divulged that no matter what she wears, whether it be on the red carpet for a music video, it has to have an edge to it. “I like to call my style ‘tomboy chic.’ I’m a tomboy. Even if I get dressy, there’s always something that’s going to have a little edge to it,” she said.

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