CHOGISEOK Proves its Your "Right To Fail" With KUSIKOHC's SS22 Collection

Taking a brief hiatus for a few seasons, KUSIKOHC, the fashion imprint from South Korean conceptual photographer CHOGISEOK has returned for Spring/Summer 2022. Dubbed “Right To Fail,” the evocative title concept serves to also mark the reintroduction of KUSIKOHC with a global outlook following its brief absence.

The SS22 collection features Ready-To-Wear, jewelry and experimental offerings marked by an artful quality all produced in Italy. The Ready-To-Wear selection is comprised of outerwear, vests, street-leaning sweatshirts and bottoms rendered mainly in black and white with some choice graphic flourishes. Striking plays with patterning incorporated also serve to develop the prevailing aesthetic outlook of KUSIKOHC.

The experimental offerings focus on a three-dimensional sculptural quality, noticeably more daring than the aforementioned Ready-To-Wear. Aside from a bright red suit crafted of leather with protruding panels, KUSIKOHC has also crafted its take on motorcycle racing gear accented by a restricting backpack harness.

Finally, KUSIKOHC has put together another selection of its signature silver jewelry. With earrings, necklaces and more serving to further expand on the outlook of the brand.

Check out the lookbook above and head over to KUSIKOHC’s website to learn more about the SS22 “Right To Fail” collection arriving on the imprint’s website and at select retailers in the near future. Also, catch a brief interview with CHOGISEOK regarding the reintroduction of KUSIKOHC with the SS22 “Right To Fail” collection below.

The SS22 collection is titled “Right to Fail,” can you elaborate on the meaning?
It means that if we fail at something, the challenge will bring us some form of small change at least.

How does it relate to the artistry of the label and personally?
“Right To Fail” serves as my personal motto as well.

Why did you use KUSIKOHC’s first collection “Right To Fail” concept once again?
We reimagined the first collection which was released five years ago. We wanted to go back to our basics and reinterpret the very first subject with current our thoughts and vision.

How is the current collection different from the original “Right To Fail” collection from 2016?
The way to approach to the subject is the same as before but it has become more multi-dimensional. One step further from the “Revolution” itself, I imagine the various images like the opposite part of the revolution.

Many things are different from the past with the reintroduction of KUSIKOHC. Why did you change the direction of the brand in this way?
We always wanted to mix the various elements of Ready-To-Wear and experimental offerings. But the current timing and opportunity are ideal so I am really happy about the result of our SS22 collection.

What would like to express to those interested in the SS22 “Right to Fail” collection?
It would be great if you think this collection is the implicative and concentrated version of the previous five years of KUSIKOHC.

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