Check Out Justin Bieber's Futuristic Rolls Royce Wraith 103EX

Images of Justin Bieber‘s one-of-one custom Rolls Royce Wraith by West Coast Customs has just surfaced online. Inspired by the Rolls Royce 103EX Vision 100 that was unveiled four year ago, with similarities to the BMW Vision Next 100, the wraith sees a complete body makeover.

In an Instagram post, West Coast Customs shared images of the build with the caption: “After years of R&D, we created our own version of the 103EX. A futuristic, awe-inspiring, daily drivable Rolls Royce unlike any other.” The futurist car, with its fully covered wheels and low stance, appears to hover off the ground when driving. The boxy front and sides also help in emphasizing the fastback’s slope.

There’s no info yet on if there were any performance upgrade done to the engine but we do know that the entire interior has been redone. Check the video below where effspot spotted the automotive work of art in the wild.

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In other automotive news, SpeedKore’s latest build is fitted with Dodge’s 1,000-Horsepower “Hellephant” engine.
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