trusted casinos

Can online casinos be trusted?

In general, online casinos can be trusted and can be said to be honest. Casinos do not need to operate with adulterated games, since they obtain their profits thanks to the margin that the house gives them and also thanks to the mistakes that players make when playing.

Before playing, however, by looking at the casino’s certifications, the player can make sure that the one he selected is honest. Many casinos offer their players certified by PricewaterhouseCooper and other may or consulting firms.

Some do not play fair and are not honest (although they are the least). Most of the complaints that are heard regarding gambling on the internet, refer to the delay of virtual casinos in paying the winners. Although it should be noted that virtual casinos pay much more than most so-called real casinos.

Can an underage person gamble online?

In both real and virtual casinos it is essential to have reached the age of majority to be able to bet (either 18 or 21 years old: this will depend on the legislation of the country where the bettor is). In Uruguay, for example, the age of majority is reached at 18 years of age and it is only at that age that casinos can be accessed.

Virtual casinos have several methods to ensure that their players are of legal age and that in the country where they are located they are allowed to place bets.

Unlike real casinos, in online casinos, those players who have not yet reached the age of majority can play for fun and without risking money, since it is possible to play free and sample games without having than to bet real money.

How to bet online?

First, the player must register their details with the casino of their choice and make a deposit.

Online casinos have several payment methods and you can choose the one you like to make the deposit. Most of them accept the main credit cards, besides, some of them also accept debit cards and online payment systems (Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, etc.).

casino payment methods

Credit cards are the most used by players, since they allow you to deposit money and start playing immediately. Its use is widely spread due to the security offered by the sites when it comes to collecting data and making deposits.

How are online slots winnings collected?

In general, it depends on the payment method used, that is, the method through which you made the deposit. If a debit card was used, the winnings will be deposited into the player’s bank account; If they were made through an online payment service (Neteller, Paypal, Ecash, etc.) the money will be deposited into the user account of the service to which the player belongs.

On the other hand, if the deposit was made through a credit card, the earnings will be credited to the same card, as long as the amount won does not exceed the amount deposited. In that case, a check for excess winnings will be sent to the player.

Always read carefully the forms of payment and collection of the casino in which you are going to bet and make sure you have understood all the conditions raised. If you have any questions, consult the help center that these sites have.

Win at Slots

We have a summary of the most important tips to win at slots:

— The slots are all the same. The models vary but underneath the facades they are all the same and work following the same mechanism: insert a coin and press the lever … it doesn’t have to be more complicated than it is. Don’t be scared off by the new slots that appear every year. The new machines come to casinos with bright lights, strange sounds and exotic names … actually the same as before, but with a new facade.

— No need to waste time trying to figure out free slots or slots. The winning combinations are random and impossible to guess. For this reason it can be said that the strategies do not work and that when playing the only thing you have to think about is having fun.

— Play the 3-reel slots that give you the best chance of winning a big pot.

— Always play slots with a good payout percentage (RTP), especially 95% or more.

— Don’t play all night on the same machine. Even if you spend the whole night playing your chips in a single slot, the machine is not required to give you any prizes. If you are not having luck on a certain machine, switch slots. Don’t play on it all night hoping that at some point it will reward you. Play on a machine for short periods. The longer you play on the same slot, the greater the chances that “the house” will win.

— Find out about the payout routine for the machine you are playing on. Just like in poker, knowing the odds and payouts is essential to develop a good strategy.

— If you can’t afford the slot you want to play, find another. Usually there are machines of the same type for different game values. Don’t spend more than your pocket will allow. Always look for the slots with the values according to what you plan to spend that night. Set a maximum amount of money to lose in a single day. If you reach that limit, stop betting.

— When you have a lucky streak, you can risk betting larger sums of money; When you’re on a losing streak, don’t take that risk.

— Know how the slots work. Today’s machines are controlled by a small computer that generates hundreds of winning and losing numbers per second, 24 hours a day, while they play on it and when they don’t. This number creation is random, so no one can predict what symbols will appear on the screen or when they will.

— Play the slots you know well. Don’t play a slot if you don’t know its instructions, or don’t know how to play and win. All slots have important information written on them, such as the maximum jackpot, how much each symbol pays, etc. Make sure you read this and understand it before playing. Understand the payment percentage. Casino machines may look the same, but they don’t pay the same just for that.

— The amount of money wagered has absolutely nothing to do with the chances of winning the slots and of winning a big prize.

— Pay attention to the slots that give frequent prizes. Casinos generally place them near the entrance to attract more players. Know which locations to avoid: near checkouts, near the buffet, in the middle of a long line of machines, in a far corner. Players in those areas are not advertising for the casino, so those machines don’t pay much.

— Lastly … there is no right, wrong or best way to bet on casino machines … slots are a game of chance and it all depends on your luck! Play and Win Slots!