BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® and Baz Luhrmann Want to Bring Out the Inner Creativity In Us All

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® is bringing out every individual’s inner creativity through its new “Saw This, Made This” campaign. As a film visionary and internationally recognized creator, Baz Luhrmann uses the world around him to craft deeply immersive visual narratives, so the brand partnered with the renowned director to inspire others to turn the unexpected into something remarkable.

“If you just give yourself permission to see the world as a gallery of inspiration and reframe how you think about things, you’ll unlock a part of yourself you didn’t know existed. By partnering with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, I want to encourage people everywhere to think about how they can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary,” says Lurhmann. As such, the campaign invites people to think out of the box and to create with the world around them.

In collaboration with hundreds of talented artists and creators around the world, Luhrmann stepped in as creative director of the campaign, which displays both videos and photos of creative inspirations and works of art from all walks of life. He also shares intimate never-before-seen footage from his video archives and a behind-the-scenes breakdown of his own creative process.

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® encourages all individuals, whether artistic experts or beginners, to join in on the movement by capturing their own original content or creating one-of-a-kind artistic works and sharing it with the hashtag, #SawThisMadeThis. By calling upon the masses to partake, the brand is championing the power of artistic freedom and the benefits that can come along with tapping into one’s innate creativity.

Submissions will be showcased in a collective online gallery, which will eventually evolve into a grand exhibition in partnership with global arts organizations in London and New York City. Creations can range from creative “Saw This, Made This” specialty cocktails to elaborate sculptures informed by nature — whatever it is that inspires others, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® wants to see it all.

Use the @BombaySapphire #SawThisMadeThis to be a part of the campaign and to have a chance to have personal creations included in the global showcase.
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