Banksy Flags the Issue of Domestic Violence in New Artwork 'Valentine's Day Mascara'

The elusive artist Banksy has debuted their latest work, titled Valentine’s Day mascara.

Situated in the seaside town of Margate in Kent, which is home to the Turner Contemporary gallery and artists like Tracey Emin, the new mural depicts a housewife from the 1950s who is seemingly putting her other half into a freezer bin.

The implication here is one that flags the issue of domestic violence, as the woman is seen with a black eye and a missing tooth. However, in Banksy’s usual subversive manner, the housewife is wearing a dress, a pinafore, and rubber gloves — and given the timing of today being Valentine’s Day, it’s implied that this piece focuses on domestic violence and how it is still a problem in today’s society.

It is said that the mural is on a wall at Grosvenor Place in Margate, Kent. Take a closer look at the piece above.

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