‘Bachelor in Paradise’ finale reveals 3 engagements

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Tuesday’s finale of Bachelor in Paradise.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise aired on Tuesday night, and it might be the most engaging season yet, with three couples revealing their engagements.

After being unsure if he was going to propose, Chris Bukowski got down on one knee and asked Katie Morton to marry him.

“I just feel like I’m the luckiest man in the world right now,” he told Morton. “You make me feel calm, comfortable. You make me feel like myself.”

During a sitdown with host Chris Harrison, Morton explained that she felt like she was giving more in the relationship than her partner.

Morton said she was still engaged to Bukowski but that she was struggling to wear her engagement ring.

“We’re still engaged,” she said. “I just put in so much effort every day and I love him so much but I put in so much that my tank empties. And if I’m not getting it filled, I break down.”

“Do you feel like he is your husband and is going to be the father of your children?” Harrison asked.

“I fell in love with potential that may never come to fruition but I’m just praying it does,” she said. “I don’t want to end things. I’m just conflicted. I want it to get better but I want him to want it to be better.”

“It just doesn’t feel fair,” she said breaking into tears.

“Chris, why do you have such a hard time expressing your love?” Harrison asked Bukowski. “Are you capable of being that man for her?”

Bukowski said he “definitely” is capable of being that man for Morton.

“You tell other people that you love me but you don’t act like it towards me,” she told Bukowski.

“I honestly feel the best when I’m with you,” Bukowski said. “My family loves you, my friends love you, and… I love you, I do.”

Members of the show’s production then brought Morton’s engagement ring on stage — which could indicate that Morton took it off before going on stage — and Bukowski put the ring back on Morton’s finger.

The second engagement involved Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin.

“Dylan, I walked onto this beach and I truly didn’t know that I could deserve somebody as great as you,” Godwin told Barbour.

“You’ve shown me a love I thought never existed, and I can’t leave here without showing you how much I love you,” he told Godwin.

“Wait!” Godwin said. “I’m shaking.”

“You have to answer!” Barbour said before Godwin replied: “Yes.”

During the finale, Godwin said she didn’t know the type of love she has with Barbour existed before she met him.

The third engagement was Bachelor Nation’s very first same-sex couple, Kristian Haggerty and Demi Burnett.

“Demi, I’m in love with you and I give you my full heart. And I promise to protect yours now and forever,” Haggerty said to Burnett.

Burnett proposed to Haggerty on the beach in Mexico, and the answer was “of course I will.”

“I know that this has been really hard. I put you through struggles, and you were always there for me, regardless of how much I didn’t deserve it at the time. I never knew someone could be that patient,” Haggerty said to Burnett.

“I love you so much and I’m so in love with you. I didn’t even think it was possible to feel this way about someone,” Burnett said before grabbing the engagement ring and getting down on one knee.

In a surprise twist, Haggerty proposed back to Burnett during the reunion taping.

During the finale, Harrison revealed who had been chosen to become the next Bachelor star.

Peter Weber, the second runner-up from last season’s The Bachelorette, was chosen as the man who will be handing out the roses on the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

“I feel emotional right now. This is crazy,” Weber told Harrison. “This is life-changing. I have all the faith in the world that this can work for me and I know it’s going to.”

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