Aston Martin Unveils Roofless Valkyrie Spider

Aston Martin recently unveiled its Valkyrie Spider, becoming the third model of the Valkyrie family. The update expands the original model by removing the roof and tweaking the doors.

The Valkyrie was Aston Martin’s first-ever hypercar and the updated model still features a lot of the same specifications. The aerodynamic car boasts 1,140 horsepower with a 6.5-liter V12 engine and 11,000 rpm. The Valkyrie has a top speed of over 217 mph when the roof is attached and over 205 mph when the roof is removed.

The new roof features a light carbon fiber construction with hinged polycarbonate windows. Besides the roof, the other main design difference is the doors. The Spider contains front-hinged butterfly doors, while the Valkyrie coupe has top-hinged gullwing doors. Additionally, the automaker made a few minor aerodynamic and weight adjustments.

The Valkyrie Spider will be rarer than the Valkyrie coupe as Aston Martin is only making 85 units as compared to the coupe’s 150 units. Additionally, the new model will be available in both left and right-hand drive configurations. The price is currently unknown, but the car is expected to arrive next year.

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