Arsenal's Héctor Bellerín Champions Sustainability and Minimalism for Menswear Capsule with H&M

Highlighted in 2020 for the formalwear team-up between 424 and Arsenal, pro footballer Héctor Bellerín is plunging deeper into the realm of fashion by curating his own menswear collection with H&M. Together, the Spanish athlete and the Swedish retail giant have joined hands in crafting a barrage of apparel and accessories that are both sustainable and minimal.

Predicated from Bellerín’s fervor for creating a greener planet, the materials enlisted for the garments include that of recycled and/or organic cotton, as well as recycled polyesters and nylons.

His personal desire to own a substantial amount of wearable, everyday staples is translated here as staple items from the light grey field parka to the boxy beige blazer to the matching denim jacket and pants set are found within the range. Other products include that of graphic-treated fleece sweatshirts, poplin button-up shirts, tees, plaid-patterned 5-panel and bucket hats, tote bags and more. Encouraging slogans that speak to the football player’s dedication to a better planet such as “Live With Purpose” and “To Protect Our Future Together” adorn some of the items.

The full menswear collection will be available to the public online and in-store come February 18.

HYPEBEAST had the pleasure of catching up with Héctor Bellerín via a short-and-sweet Q&A to speak on his newest fashion venture.

What was your favorite part about working on the collection?

My favorite part was the creative freedom that I had from H&M and all of its designers.The exchange of ideas from different people with different point of views and merging it together into one is also always one of my favorite parts of the creative process.

Last year we saw you working on formalwear with 424, but being that this collection is more of casual/street style, can you describe what you learned about your personal approach to design for this project?

This collaboration is meant to be a bit more of an every day collection with more relaxed pieces that are also unisex. I really wanted to do a collection that was very relaxed and chill, but androgynous at the same time so that everyone can wear it and feel comfortable and stylish. I also feel like it’s my responsibility to be an activist through the processes and end product of the collection. For example, I did this by making the graphics fun and engaging, while also highlighting the collection’s sustainabilty.

What types of sustainable materials/practices did you incorporate into this capsule?

All of the products have recycled elements, such as recycled cotton. I pushed H&M to make sure everything was coming from ethical and sustainable sources, which I think they did a great job of doing. We were able to find sustainable materials with the right properties to ensure everything had the right color, fit, quality, etc. I’m very happy that we were able to create high quality products while also remaining sustainable.

Can you speak on some of your inspirations behind the designs?

My inspiration comes from what I want to wear every day, especially during lockdown when had I first started creating the collection. I wanted it to feel comfortable and light and the earthy colors are inspired by nature. During quarantine I spent a lot of time outdoors and I’d often go for a walk and be inspired by the plant patterns. London has also inspired me so much and the collection is representative of the city and its culture.

Can we expect to see you push out more apparel collections in the future?

Yeah, definitely, as long as I have the resources and time. I’m a footballer and around 60-80% of my day is spent training so it can be difficult to immerse yourself in creative projects. However, when you have the help and the resources like H&M, it can make the process easier. I’d love to immerse myself as much as possible in more collaborations with brands that I love.

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