Andra Ursuţa Creates Haunting Artwork That Comment on Mortality, Loss and Grief

David Zwirner unveiled a new solo exhibition by Andra Ursuţa that will surely raise the Halloween vibes a notch. Well-known for wildly inventive sculptures that teeter between horror films and science fiction, the Romanian-born, New York-based artist is showcasing her latest series of photograms and lead-crystal sculptures.

Housed at the gallery’s London space, the work in Joy Revision examines the premodern conception of art as an essential tool to deal with mortality, loss, and grief. Despite looking like paintings, Ursuţa’s photograms are crafted through multiple impressions from composite imagery of her sculptures, revealing negative impressions on velvet treated with photo-reactive dye.

The four lead sculptures on view were made using a combination of traditional and contemporary processes, such as lost-wax casting and digital modeling. Like the artworks on the wall, these skeletal beings appear as if jumping out of the Aliens franchise. Spiritual and ghostlike, Ursuţa harks to past traditions in an attempt to raise the dead and comment on the cyclical nature of mortality.

Joy Revision is on view in London until October 29.

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David Zwirner
24 Grafton St
London W1S 4EZ
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